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Sun Protection / Reaction

High Protection for your lenses

Sun Glare Sun Glare

Most people realise the importance of protecting their skin when out in the sun, but it is just as important that your eyes are protected too. We all want our sunglasses to look good but equally important are their performance. You should always check the level of UV protection that your sunglasses offer. All Kodak Sun Lenses offer at least 99% protection.

Research suggests that daily exposure to UVB in very bright sunlight over a period of many years may cause cataracts (gradual clouding of the lens of the eye). Experts also suspect that the primary cause of eye growths such as pingueculae or pterygia is exposure to UVB rays.

At Kodak Lens we recognise that all of our customers are individuals and as such, have different requirements from their spectacles. With this in mind we have developed a wide range of Kodak Sun Lens options, including tints, polarized lenses and ultra fast photochromic lenses which change from light to dark depending on the conditions. These options are available in single vision, bifocals and varifocals to suit all lifestyles and prescriptions.

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To see more life just add colour

Kodak Tinted Lenses

A choice of 5 great colours and tinting depths means you can have a different look for each mood. Tints can also be graduated from very dark at the top of the lens to clear at the bottom. These cosmetic tints can be further enhanced with UV protection.

Kodak UVSun Polarised Lenses

Kodak UVSun Lenses eliminate glare and offer 100% protection from harmful UV rays which can cause irreparable damage to your eyes. We embed an invisible thin layer of film with vertical rows of iodine crystals into the surface of the lens, creating a Venetian blind effect which only allows useful rays to pass through to your eyes.

Kodak UVSun Polarised Lenses eliminate the harsh reflected glare that can bounce off water, snow, glass and metal. As a result they add a new dimension to an enjoyable active lifestyle.

All Kodak UVSun Lenses are available in a choice of 5 fashionable tints. Whichever shade you choose our new range of polarised lenses make the world a more colourful place.

Kodak Transitions® Signature™ - Our most balanced adaptive lenses.

These lenses are designed to quickly adapt from clear indoors to fully dark in brightest sun, offering a distinct advantage over clear lenses everyday. Transitions Signature lenses continuously adapt to changing light so they’re always exactly the shade you need them to be.

  • Completely clear indoors and at night
  • Fast fade back speed
  • Block 100% of UVA & UVB rays
  • Fit any prescription frame
  • Suitable for any age including children. • Available in Brown or Grey.

Kodak Transitions® XTRActive® - Go Xtra dark

Specifically designed to go extra dark outdoors, these lenses are a great choice for you if you sped time in bright sunlight. Transitions XTRActive lenses feature a comfortable subtle tint indoors, and (unlike other Transitions) they activate moderately inside a car.

  • Superior darkness outdoors
  • Moderate tint inside a car
  • Block 100% of UVA and UVB rays

Fit most prescriptions and frames! • Available in Grey