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Tuff Lenses

10 times stronger than a standard lens

Kodak Tuff lenses are impact resistant and ten times stronger than standard plastic, so are ideal for those who play sport, for children, and anyone who wears safety glasses or rimless frames.

They are made of polycarbonate which is up to 34% thinner and 24% lighter than standard plastic lenses, giving you better looking glasses that are also more comfortable to wear. They have built-in ultraviolet (UV) protection to shield your eyes from detrimental light rays and they come with a scratch resistant coating as standard to help protect your lenses from scratches and keep your vision clear for longer.

The secret of their strength

Polycarbonate is manufactured differently from other lens materials. An enormous amount of pressure is used to compress the raw material. The resulting product holds up so well under impact not because it is hard and unyielding, but rather because it is flexible and gives slightly under pressure without breaking. Kodak Tuff Lenses are actually constructed out of material that is identical to what is called 'bulletproof glass'. The material has also been used for astronaut helmet shields and space shuttle windshields.

Advanced options and coatings

Kodak Tuff Lenses are available as single vision, bifocal and varifocal with CleAR coating. Also available as InstaShades™ in single vision and varifocals.