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Our Brands

The Tiffany & Co glasses are just as luxurious as their jewellery range. With unique, high quality designs Tiffany glasses will turn heads and draw attention to you as you radiate elegance. Tiffany Glasses are luxurious and embellished with jewels along with the Tiffany & Co insignia. The American brand produces its glasses in Italy.

Cartier glasses are extraordinary works of craftsmanship in which innovation is combined with a unique quality to the world. Cartier glasses frame the eyes making this accessory a jewel that can not be waived. Original and sought after models that reflect at all times the excellence and passion for the details of the French company.

For its range of prescription glasses Mexx relies on trendy urban frames made from precious titanium or modern, high-quality plastic. Quality and value naturally also play important roles. With subtle understatement and a harmonious combination of colours and shapes, the label ensures that its glasses are suitable for both the businessman and the young art student. Whether rimless, semi-rim or full-rim frames - clean lines and a modern design make each model a real eye-catcher.

There is a reason why Ray Ban sunglasses are so popular with all ages and that's because there's a pair to suit everyone. This American brand has many celebrity followers such as Brad Pitt, Kate Moss, Natalie Portman, Marion Cortillard and many more household names.

FCUK is the cheeky sibling of the more serious French Connection. And these designer frames reflect the fun, flirty and sexy nature of the brand.

adidas Sport eyewear products are developed to meet the needs of various sports. Our product design engineers work closely with top athletes to develop our products. This achieves optimal results for adidas Sport eyewear which combines next-generation technology and lens innovation to create a personalized fit with sports-targeted technology.

Versace is a fashion and lifestyle brand for contemporary men and women who love glamorous luxury and distinctive personal style. Versace glasses collection's refined and innovative design is a celebration of timeless esclusivity and fashion forward elegance.

Hubert de Givenchy founded Givenchy, a luxury fashion house, in 1952. This brand has steadily grown through the decades into one of the top global brands in cosmetics, fine fragrances, apparel and accessories. Givenchy is almost synonymous with Paris' haute couture. Through the decades, Givenchy creations have been flaunted by the rich and the famous, and are best remembered on iconic celebrity faces like Jacqueline Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn.

Prada Glasses are sophisticated craftsmanship, extremely modern vision of high fashion, technological design and research for creative details. Prada Glasses segmentation is fashionable and timeless. Prada has over the decades catapulted into the fashion world, marked as the designer to watch.

Silhouette glasses and sunglasses are for prestige-oriented women who want to express their high lifestyle standards in their outlook as well. Silhouette's popular line of rimless eyeglasses are so lightweight and comfortable, it's almost like not wearing eyewear.

British-born Bench is one of the leading international eyewear labels, as well as one of the most well-loved urban fashion brands in the UK and Europe. The latest frames in the best-selling Bench collection are classic, grown-up styles with universal appeal.

Renowned for their comfort, Safilo glasses are a must for anyone looking to find that pair of special glasses that feel invisible. With patented light weight frames and lenses, Safilo glasses deliver elegant and sophisticated designs, which have become some of the world's most comfortable glasses.

The Optische Werke Passau- OWP for short, was established on January 13th, 1947 and has since then been making glasses with a passion for our products. We are glasses, trends, visions, ideas, figures, stories, memories, handshakes and people. We have succeeded, learned, won, celebrated and continually redefined ourselves. We have made a name for ourselves across the globe.

The new kit for kids. Rockstar is American-led street fashion with the emphasis on "street." Colour is key, colour is everything. Rockstar eyewear captures the energy of kids and injects it into the design of the frame giving then confidence in their eyewear.

Charm and elegance are guaranteed through a wise use of unique colours and tone-combinations, often decorated with precious ornaments when it comes to Christian Dior Glasses. The instantly recognisable golden lettering of 'Dior' is embellished onto almost all frames guaranteeing to turn heads.

Oakley was started by Jim Jannard in 1975, the name comes from Jannard's dog. Today Oakley eyewear is well recognized by many celebrities and athletes. The eyewear has been used in major sporting events like the Olympics and Tour De France. Oakley are wrapped in with technology, durability as well as fashion in mind.

Rodenstock sunglasses, founded in Germany in 1877, have high quality frames and simple, but stylish, designs that have attracted people for years to Rodenstock sunglasses. Recently, Rodenstock's release of several sports designed sunglasses has been sensationally accepted in the market. Rodenstock sunglasses' design techniques, proved by years of experience, make Rodenstock sunglasses a great choice.

Jai Kudo eyewear collection consists of comfortable and sleek contemporary designs which are also unique objects of personal expression. Appealing to to those who like their eyewear to express a unique sense of style and individuality. With such sophisticated designs and frames, the Jai Kudo collection is perfect for your Monday to Friday look but versatile enough to wear on a night out. With inspiration coming from all aspects of life, comfort is key and functional strength and lightweight material come into play with Jai Kudo eyewear.

Displaying absolute class and sophistication, Giorgio Armani never fail to present us with luxurious offerings. With both statement frames and simplistic looks, Mens Giorgio Armani suit any style. Making a statement with its attention to detail and the use of premium materials, Mens Giorgio Armani achieve the same recognition as the clothing line. If anyone has mastered the art of smart elegance and intricate detail, it would be this brand.

Nike has revolutionized athletic footwear and sportswear. Nike's vast range of products includes specialized training gear, footwear, apparel, accessories, and sports equipment. Through innovative products, advertising, and sponsorship of teams and athletes, Nike has become a leader in the sportswear industry and one of the world's largest brands.

Stands for modern elegance, cool glamour, and sensual femininity. It offers everything from must-have everyday items for business and leisure to red carpet occasions for women with a distinct sense of luxurious quality and excellent fit. The ESCADA woman loves glamour, but interpreted in a fresh, modern way.

Swarovski has merged its renowned precision cut crystal with state of the art optics to create an elegant collection of Swarovski that break new barriers in modern luxury design. The range of Swarovski features pure lines, slender frames and subtle styling. They also include frames made from an assortment of metal and acetate materials designed in an array of beautiful colours and clear crystal accents.

The brand aimed at the young adult market best known for its jeans now offers a great collection of prescription glasses in many different fashionable styles suitable for many different tastes. Diesel glasses are available in fully rimmed, rimless and semi-rimless styles.

The POLICE attitude made its worldwide mark right from the outset, as an Italian brand with potent international overtones. This alternative, nonconformist, almost irreverent brand immediately carved out a niche of its own. Building on its growing identity and positioning, over the years POLICE has reinvented itself, going from a simple eyewear brand to a veritable lifestyle benchmark. In this transformation, the brand extended to include a full range of fashion accessories - perfumes, watches, jewellery and leather goods - all with a strong personality, and representing a particular look and way of life.

GANT is a lifestyle brand, with an American sportswear heritage, offering modern high-quality casual wear with a European touch. The company’s values are based on its authentic American East Coast heritage, dating back to the launch of the brand in 1949. Since then GANT has been further developed, taking inspiration from Europe in terms of fabrics, designs, and lifestyle influences.

Born in 1906, in Hamburg, it has conquered its own space over the years and become one of the most appreciated and well-known brands. Montblanc star symbolizes the peak of the Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe. 1906 – Launch of the first Montblanc Writing Instrument: MEISTERSTUCK. Followed by several successful merchandising categories.

GUESS was established in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, who left the south of France in pursuit of the American dream. Inspired by a European influence, the Marciano’s put their innovative touch on the apparel industry, redefining denim. One of their initial designs was a stonewashed, slim-fitting jean, the 3-zip Marilyn. Bloomingdale’s was the first department store to welcome the brand by ordering two dozen pairs of jeans. They disappeared from the shelves in just hours. This was the beginning of a long success story.

Flexon, the original, is a special titanium composite, that unlike other metals allows it to remember and return to its original shape when bent. Flexon is more durable, lightweight and resistant than conventional metals; allowing you to confidently embrace every challenge without disappointment.

Roberto Cavalli conceives fashion as a total experience. The style he proposes is not merely a way of dressing, but a way of being: a lifestyle. His is an intangible and highly aspirational dream. A questioning man and a lover of life, Roberto Cavalli is able to convey a great energy with whatever he does. He’s an attractive person because he is always positive and close to his public.

Calvin Klein platinum label is a designer sportswear and accessories brand that emphasizes modern silhouettes in distinctive color palettes. Calvin Klein platinum label offers iconic, essential and fashion items, which balance a sophisticated sensuality with a unique edge.


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